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Jack’s House

Have you heard the old story about The House that Jack Built? Most people assume Jack built the house. But one tired pooch disagrees.

Jack’s hard-working, big-truck-driving, hammer-pounding pooch, Max, wants you to know his side of the story in this exciting tell-all tale.


  1.   The Original Art Exhibition, Museum of American Illustration

  2. A Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Book


  1.   “This book was built for those youngsters with a jones for trucks and other big wheels, and it delivers in spades.”

- Kirkus Reviews

  1.   “A wonderful twist on an age-old rhyme. . . . The vehicles that drive up to the site delivering materials and excavating are rugged and tough, appealing to the construction enthusiasts, but the soaring house is the centerpiece of the story, and Max’s care in building it is obvious. This beguiling book will be a hit . . . ”

- School Library Journal

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Our terrier was an expert hole-digger, even in snow. His name was Pride because of the way he walked - determined and confident.

He inspired the character of the hard-working Max.


Click the sketch to see Jack’s House during the design phase! 

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Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka

Holiday House

September 2008