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Mooove Over!

When an obnoxious cow elbows her way on board a crowded trolley, the hard-working driver loses count and his passengers go flying, even the pigs! What’s happening to the passengers? Will they ever get where they’re going?

“Readers will cheer as the ill-mannered bovine gets her comeuppance, and Meisel’s energetic and humorous acrylic illustrations will keep them in stitches as they practice counting by twos.” - School Library Journal

“Meisel’s colorful illustrations fit this tale perfectly, with the sweet facial expressions of the cow lending surprise to her rude behavior. Not only will readers learn to count by twos, they will also learn the words used to describe pairs: duet, couple, twosome, partners . . . in this funny story.” - Kirkus Reviews

  1. Alabama’s Emphasis on Reading Award - chosen by kids!


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