A Cake All For Me

Ideas sometimes pop up in the strangest places.

This book had its start with an old nursery rhyme that drove me crazy as a child. Remember “one, two, buckle my shoe?”  If you remember all 20 verses, you’ll understand. Buckling shoes, picking up sticks, maids a-courting, and empty plates? “Huh? What? What does that mean?”

One day I was in my office - then a tiny kitchen closet - when my editor called. She suggested I write a math-related book. In my kitchen-office, I began thinking about my children learning their early math right there in the kitchen. They sorted, measured, and added spices, divided up cookies to share. They ate and subtracted:  5 cookies take away 2, leaves 3.

Who would be the main character? Who would eat a whole cake? By himself!


Copyright © 2008 Karen Magnuson Beil. All rights reserved.