Fire in Their Eyes


“Every page is packed with fascinating facts that will hold readers’ attention. In addition, graphic full-color photographs convey the intensity, violence, and power of fire.” - School Library Journal

“Beil profiles a handful of men and women, capturing the drama, excitement, and danger of their job. Beil’s own photographs reflect the roller coaster pace of the work—from a burly man sitting at a sewing machine repairing his parachute, to a tree exploding in a column of fire.” - Booklist

“Plenty of crisp color photos of firefighters taking on exploding trees, wind-driven flames, and ‘fire whirls’ are a sure draw for browsers, and the glossary of terms will be useful to readers taking a studious approach to the topic.” - Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“This stirring on-the-scenes account of the lives of firefighters who courageously battle wildfires is guaranteed to spark the imagination of any would-be firefighter. Action photos and personal narratives make this book stay on readers’ minds long past the final page.” - Voice of Youth Advocates

Reviews in Professional Fire & Forestry Journals

“Read this before you jump. Flames and a catchy title lure you to this book, targeted for the youth audience, and the photos and writing keep you turning the pages. Ms. Beil writes from personal and collected experience, but without techno-babble and acronyms. Her text is fun to read, informative and tidy. There is a good mix of men, women, nationalities, education, and forest politics.” - Wildland Firefighter

“A vivid portrayal in prose and photographs. The book conveys in dramatic detail the specialized knowledge, skills, and motivations of these firefighters.” - Journal of Forestry, Society of American Foresters

photo 2008 © Karen M. Beil

Copyright © 2008 Karen Magnuson Beil. All rights reserved.