Grandma According to Me

A loving tribute to the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

“A preschooler offers an affectionate depiction of her traditional cookie-baking, sweater-knitting, soft-lapped grandmother. The child-like text contains several striking images: the girl happily calls her own wrinkly bathtub hands ‘grandma hands’ and the creases in her grandma’s face ‘story lines.’ . . .  [Rand’s] paintings reinforce the warm-hearted mood.” - School Library Journal

“Lovingly told from the child’s point of view. A first book for Beil, this winning combination of text and art will bring a smile to the reader’s face. This story is just right for families looking for books to read together and for family story times in libraries.” - Booklist

“Rand’s homey illustrations depict the traditional grandmother the young narrator lovingly describes in this warm story detailing activities the two do together.” - Horn Book

Illustrated by Ted Rand



Copyright © 2008 Karen Magnuson Beil. All rights reserved.